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Hi I am

Jyotisha Tat

Offering a path to make a change in your life from survival to living. Part of it is awakening but additional healing and coaching might be advised. The website is still under construction and will be expended with more content in English. At this stage you might already read what is available. Realize wherever you live on the planet remote support is possible.

How I can help


Below you encounter the main services which are offered. Your choices depend on whether you got stuck with your health, your meaning in life or in your relationship.

Can your health issue be balanced remotely and energetically? Having experience with over a dozen illnesses you might give it a chance. Not a try. Choose for a treatment plan with 6,9 or 12 remote sessions.

All life events and challenges originate and unfold based on old emotional charges. These are stored in your subconsciousness, 6 hollow organs, 6 solid organs, 13 joints and 33 spine disks.

Sacred geometry retreat program of 12 workshops by walking the Tree of Life or Kabbalah. Heart pain retreat program of 5 workshops.

Online life coaching based on Oneness Effort available online at Amazon.

return joy from early childhood life

About Me

Spiritual healer, coach and trainer.


diseases experience

25 years

healing experience



Examples of diseases are migraine, cluster headaches and hernia. A complete list of diseases will be published soon. Always see a doctor first for a diagnose. We are member of Dutch Therapist association by which Dutch medical care insurance companies cover partly our consults for Dutch clients.

Life Coaching – Burnout Coaching – Relationship Coaching

Published Book

Oneness Effort

Self-help guide for awakening

Published at Amazon back in 2013. About the sabotage power of our mental awareness. Recognize it and move to the old pain anyway. All unfolding life events originate from the subconsciousness and the karmic wind which blows inside your light container. Trauma release approach is the main subject of the book or ebook at kindle.

published and available at Amazon
expansion of inner light

Heart pain and light container expansion approach

for permanent solving of repeating life patterns

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Light Increase


Awareness Boost

Psychic Healing

Old method for healing

Many diseases can not be cured in a regular way.


From zero result up to



Psychic healing


Cluster Headache Recommendation

I was introduced to the headache clinic through my aunt. Heard many positive stories and so went to the clinic. I had a lot of headaches in my eye – cluster headaches a form of migraine – and I didn’t feel well. I have had seizures 2 to 3 times a week for at least 5 years. I’ve had a lot of research in the hospital, acupuncture and physiotherapy. I was less able to meet up with friends. I often had to stay at home and so I missed a lot of teachings at school. I had 4 consultations during 6 weeks in 2020. After the first consultation my headache was less and after the fourth consultation the headache was completely gone.

That my headache is gone and that I am very grateful to you! I started dating more friends and started doing fun things again. Hopefully I can concentrate well at school again. After everything we had already tried, I never expected that this would help me, the hope was gone. I am of course very happy that I ended up at Jyotisha. I am very grateful to you! Would advise anyone in doubt, do it! My headache had a major impact on my life and I’m so glad I’m finally got rid of it.

Anna van de Minkelis

Former cluster headache patient

Migraine Headache Recommendation

Through his lovely wife Linda I came into contact with Jyotisha. Had a lot of migraine attacks. I’ve had it since I was a teenager. Could not function normally anymore. Visited Jyotisha only once for a treatment in 2015. I felt like I was being lifted out of my body, all the lines in my head were straightened. Before 2015, I had weekly migraines and after this visit it has decreased to a few times a year. To this day in July 2020. Feel much better now. I was living on migraine pills at the time.

You are so good at what you do. You have already helped several people I know of pain. Or that the pain is much less. And I also think you are pure lovely people. Stop taking painkillers and make an appointment. I think it is more important if body and mind are in balance.

Antara Nuijens Blok

Former migraine headache patient

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For over 25 years we are supporting clients to face their challenges in life.

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